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Smart Girl Tips For Communicating With The Ex...

Type it. Read it. Delete it. 

When dealing with a soon to be ex, less is more!  In the beginning it is really easy to write a book to your ex, but trust me, you don’t want to go there!

Divorce paranoia is real people and once a text or an email is sent, you can’t get it back!  So here are my five tips for communicating effectively with your ex...

1. Get a new email address. This will be strictly for communicating about the kids and divorce proceedings. I hated seeing my ex in my email or on my phone. I got this sick panicky feeling like I had been punched in the gut every time. It was best to keep his correspondence strictly email based and not in my main inbox!

2. Social Media. Stop the madness. First off don’t post about the divorce. Keep your social media positive at all times. Your ex will be screen shotting your posts and they could be used against you. How do I know this?  Because some of my exes posts came in handy later on for my case. Clean up your feed immediately. I find it’s best to keep your social media for those that you enjoy. I would politely remove your ex from your friend list and make sure he is blocked from seeing your posts along with his friends and family. I know this sounds harsh but it is necessary to get a fresh start at least until things are final. 

3. Emotions. Do not let emotion enter into your communication. Read your emails and revise. Before you hit send, be sure to share them with a trusted friend. They will make sure your email is to the point. Think of every email or text you send as going directly to the judge. 

4. Do not call your ex. Email allows you to keep facts straight. Email is your friend. Emails can be printed out and taken to court if necessary. You want to be able to document all correspondence. You want it readily accessible. 

5. Do not text your ex. Email him. Do not call him. Do not direct message him or Facebook message him. Email him. 

Be smart as you enter into the divorce process. There is enough crazy to come. Take steps to minimalize all the crazy you can on your end!



Disclaimer...Two Divorced Girls is intended to share our experiences in the hope of saving others pain and misery.  We are not doctors.  We are not lawyers. We are not providing professional advice.  If you need professional help, you won't find this here and please look elsewhere. By using this site you  agree not to rely on us for those services that can only be provided by licensed professionals.

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