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Why You'll Love Us

Hi! We are Harper and Carrie. 

Two besties who ironically found themselves thrown into tsunami divorces within a year of each other.  Through our ups and downs, we realized we were not the only ones struggling with a dash of crazy that just wouldn't go away.  So this is each of our journey's back into the single world after two decades of marriage each. Follow along as we share our experiences, our joys, sorrow and TRIUMPHS as we move on with Act Two of our lives.

Each week Harper and I will be sharing pieces of our story along with helpful tips to get you to the other side of divorce with us.

As you follow along throughout our stories, you will meet the ex husbands who we have affectionately titled, Mr. Unzipped and Mr. Genius. You will quickly understand why we gave them those titles.

Divorce is an adventure that no one wants to go on, but consider us your two new best friends who are just a few steps ahead. We hope you will see some of your experiences in our stories and learn from our mistakes and victories along the way.

Meet Harper ... Harper Grace is a 40-something mom who finds herself on the single side of marriage - and the happy side of life. She’s one part mom, one part everyone’s friend, two parts adventurer, and a million parts calm and collected. There is no expert side of her - though she’s pretty good at reminding you to look at the positive side of everything. 

Navigating a tsunami divorce wasn’t on Harper’s radar, but she found herself in the middle of it, and has come out the other side stronger, more confident and ready to share her journey into the world of being single. She will share stories, nightmares, ideas, and tips and tricks you NEED to know as you step out into your new life. None of this is rocket science, but she said the old cliche was true, “If I knew then what I know now, my path would have been so much easier”. And, the awesome thing for you is .. she’s going to share the stuff she knows now!

Harper has lots of insight on how to focus on yourself and help you find your way back to the authentic you. She’ll write articles that have strings of faith running through them, as well as some that are admittedly full of the things your momma’s won’t share with you. When her divorce attorney told her she should run classes to help women stay positive and move on, she knew she was doing the right things. We know you’ll love all things Harper - we do too ;)

Meet Carrie ... Carrie Banks is a 40-something work at home mom that was blind-sided in the middle of what should have been the happiest moments of her life. She’s a successful business woman, a fabulous friend, and the one that everyone loves to know.

With the final signature of the judge, the tsunami divorce she was dragged down with for nearly 3+ years is over and behind her. It was an eye opening experience and is now in her rearview mirror.

Carrie has faced her fears navigating this new territory and hopes she can help you find your way as well. Her articles will feature hints about dating after 20+ years of marriage, and include lots of Dos and Dont’s on how to successfully divorce and come out the victor. She’s rocking her “now” and wants to share with you .. I promise, you’ll love her!

*Harper Grace and Carrie Banks are pseudonyms in order to preserve their true identities.

These are our stories...


Disclaimer...Two Divorced Girls is intended to share our experiences in the hope of saving others pain and misery.  We are not doctors.  We are not lawyers. We are not providing professional advice.  If you need professional help, you won't find this here and please look elsewhere. By using this site you  agree not to rely on us for those services that can only be provided by licensed professionals.

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