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Today I realized Mr. Genius is not coming home. There is a sense of awakening once you come to terms that you are full on in the throngs of divorce before the attorneys have ever met. Today was that day. You could feel the interactions changing. The urgency from Mr. Genius to have a quick divorce. The cooperation dwindling. It is in that awakening you must ACT. Your subconscious knows more than you do at this point in time.

I woke from a fog today. I knew it was time to act on behalf of not only my children but myself.

My first step was to seek the advice of a financial advisor. I wanted to know what my future looked like in the face of divorce. I also wanted to know what steps I needed to take to secure the life I worked so hard for.

I know it might seem odd to consult a financial advisor, but I highly encourage you too. Gather your bank records and your tax returns and just go. When it was first suggested to me by a girlfriend, I almost didn't go...but she made the appointment as it was a close friend of hers so I had to. I am so grateful I did. I learned a ton about my rights, how to fight for them and what to expect moving forward. Remember some people play checkers and others play chess. Make sure you know how to play chess!

Ironically, the financial advisor laid out Mr. Genius's playbook right in front of me. I was just not ready to see how intricate of a web he tried to weave.



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