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Dating In A Digital Age...

Today's post is for the men out there. Lets just dissect your online dating profiles. I want to be clear, we are not picking on the guys, just illustrating some things that might be keeping you from connecting with us!

Profile Photo

A good photo can mean the difference between us hitting the x or swiping left or right!

A quick scan of tonights matches tells me that a significant amount of you guys have no idea how important a good profile photo is.

What makes a good photo?

1. A photo of just you. Not one where you obviously crop out your ex's body to the point we can still see her arm!

2. A well lit image.

3. No photos of your children. I am sure your ex would not be happy to see your children out on a dating site. And before you decide to get all clever on us...putting x's over their faces is not acceptable!

4. Standing in front of your bathroom mirror holding your cell phone out is not going to catch our attention either. It shows your lack of creativity.

5. Do I dare mention the toys? We don't care to see you on a boat, on a motorcycle or posing next to a jet or luxury automobile unless you own it.

6. Don't post a photo with your wedding ring on.

7. Make sure the image was taken recently. We don't want to see images from 5 years ago.

8. If you post a photo of yourself in a hat, make sure you post one with the hat off.

9. Take the sunglasses off please. We want to see how cute your eyes are.

10. Make sure your house is clean if it will be in the background of the photo.

11. Make sure one photo is full body.

12. Make sure your profile photo is not blurry.

13. Don't lead with shirtless profile photos.

14. Always post a photo of yourself.

About You

We want to get to know you. Not who you think we want you to be.

1. Don't try to be witty unless you are genuinely funny.

2. We don't really like it when you tell us what you are looking for it makes you sound rigid and not in a good way. Think about it...if we said "I am looking for x,y,z" you might not like it either.

3. Don't tell us you are looking for a soul mate.

4. Don't say you want a travel partner. Unless you are covering our expenses.

5. Don't tell us about your kinks. There are different websites for that.

6. Tell us if you have kids but not anything about them, unless we make a personal connection and then by all means share away!

7. Emoji's are just outdated. Again, a personal connection, then fine use emoji's but not for your profile.

8. Don't tell us you are an open book. That means you are most likely closed off and have told so. Write something about yourself. Otherwise it appears to be a cop out.

9. If you travel for work, make sure you state where you live. Otherwise it could be deceiving.

10. Don't tell me you are looking for a long term relationship.

11. Tell us how tall you really are. Do not round up. Be honest. For real. No joke. Seriously. It is critical.

12. Be honest about your age.

General Tips...

1. Ask a female friend to help you with this process.

2. Be realistic

3. When you make a connection, do not under any circumstances send a photo of your genitals.

4. Do not tell us what you want to do to us. Not sexy. Nope. Deal Breaker.

5. Plan to pay.

6. Plan to show up. Ghosting is dumb.

7. Don't tell us you are an open book. That means you are most likely closed off and have told so. Write something about yourself. Otherwise it appears to be a cop out.

8. Do not connect your instagram.

9. We don't care how long you have been divorced. Just that you are.

10. Put your first name in your profile.

11. We generally don't care about your political affiliation. A dating profile is not the place for that. We can discuss it on offline.

12. Stop telling us to "just ask."

13. Don't tell us you are financially stable. Because we already assume you are. Does telling me make it more believable?

Wow thats a lot. We realize that but these tips will get you headed in the right direction to make a real connection. And at the end of the day that is all any of us really want right?



Disclaimer...Two Divorced Girls is intended to share our experiences in the hope of saving others pain and misery.  We are not doctors.  We are not lawyers. We are not providing professional advice.  If you need professional help, you won't find this here and please look elsewhere. By using this site you  agree not to rely on us for those services that can only be provided by licensed professionals.

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