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Games are for Sissies

Breaking News! My ex-husband is still playing games.

So, let's take a break from the continuing story of Harper from the beginning, and insert a little nugget of my 'reality in the actual moment' ..

So, our children have medical bills, as all of us do. And, those said medical bills are my responsibility according to the paperwork I signed at the various provider's offices ... so, I pay the bills up to my responsibility according to the divorce decree and send them on to him for the remainder of the payment. He pays the majority of the expense after my initial amount, $2000 - let's say at 75% him/25% me for ease. So, I've paid my initial lump sum ($2000) and sent the bills on to him for the additional payment due, which is about $2400. And, he has to pay his portion timely.

He failed to pay. I got sent to collections. Games.

I paid the remaining balance to keep myself out of actual collections and sent him receipts and request for reimbursement. He decided that he'd note the check as 'payment in full'. Well, he still owes a provider $2000, so not payment in full if I have to pay that before it lands me in collections again, because I'll have to have reimbursement for that too. Games.

This whole thing with divorce is that you don't WANT to deal with the person anymore, right? I mean stay.the.hell.out.of.each.others.way. For Heaven's Sake! I want to speak to, email with, or see this man as little as humanly possible. I don't want to run into him in town, or have any correspondence with him unless it's absolutely necessary. But of course, he can't move the fuck on, so he just picks fights and plays games. He wants the interactions. He wants the control. He wants to boss me around while he is supposed to have nothing to do with me. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit .. he's a narcissist. Bet y'all didn't know that at this point in the story, did ya. Games.

We Southern women tend to like manly men. Faces tanned, scruffy beards, rough hands. The ones who can fix stuff and come back lookin' all sexy and sweaty. The ones who played Football in college. The guys who smell like men. The ones whose games are played on fields and settled in state championship games and BCS Bowl games, not the kind that play their games with women. The men who are real men and treat women with respect - even when they stop loving them. Lord have mercy, I wish I had picked one of those men when I got married all those years ago. I'm over the games.

Harper ❤


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