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Greyson and Hadley arrived home at 10 am. I could not hold them and drink in their presence enough. It was like I was on borrowed time. Oh wait, I was. Mr. Genius would be coming back for them every other day for the next week. He lived less than a mile away so it worked for that week.

My first instinct was to tell the kids to shower. To get the feel and scent of this other life off of their bodies. I didn't, but the urge was nagging at me all day. I just wanted them back to their normal existence. Their stuff. Their friends. Their routines.

Hadley is younger so she was much more resilient in the beginning than Greyson who was completely aware of everything that was occurring around him. Sadly, the kids saw me at my weakest moment. The person they knew to be strong and confident was deduced to a ball of emotions and unable to move forward with a plan. The very thought of any plan made me physically ill. That would mean acceptance. That would mean severing their very existence. I could not abandon hope for my kids. Inside you could see them burying any fleeting thoughts of it. Someone had to hold on and fix things for not only them but also myself.



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